The Rollermouse – Ergonomist’s Evaluation

Having pain in your hand, arm and shoulder from mousing all day? The solution maybe right at your fingertips ? literally! The “RollerMouse Red” by Contour Design, Inc. may be just the ergonomic mouse you need to reduce hand, arm and/or shoulder pain caused... Read More »

Choosing the Right Computer Mouse

While touch screens and hand held devices have grown in popularity, many desktop workstations still require a mouse. Selecting a good mouse requires finding one that is comfortable after long hours of use. This can prevent wrist and forearm pain in the future. Some... Read More »

The Benefits of a Vertical Mouse

Did you know the natural resting position of the wrist and forearm is the ‘thumbs-up’ position? This is a contrast to the position the standard flat mouse puts your arm in, rotating the forearm to get the hand in a palm down position (pronation). One of... Read More »