Laptop Risers & ERGO Winner Announced

Laptop Users Many employers purchase laptop computers due to their portability and convenience.  Staff can take their laptops to meetings, on the road and even home. Poor Ergonomics & Laptop Use Unfortunately, the laptop’s compact design does not satisfy some... Read More »

ERGO Inc.’s 25 Year Campaign

25 Years in Business for ERGO Inc. ERGO Inc. has been proudly assisting employers reduce their workplace injuries by implementing effective ergonomic processes for 25 years. ERGO Inc. is proud to be a leader in the ergonomics industry.  Our effective and sustainable... Read More »

Ergonomic Assessments – Tips & Considerations

The goal of a workplace Ergonomic Assessment is to help you identify the problem and come up with controls and solutions to reduce the hazard and improve the work space. When might you consider an Ergonomic Assessment? Do you have a work process, job task, or computer... Read More »