Ergonomic Assessments

Article on Tips for Conducting Ergonomic Assessments

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ERGO Inc. Checklists

ERGO Inc. Program Assessment Checklist

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ERGO Inc. Computer Workstation Checklist

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ERGO Inc. MSD Hazard Checklist

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ANSI Ergonomic Chair Checklist

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How to Adjust a Workstation Chair Handout

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Additional Assessments

College of Public Health – Ergonomic Risk Assessment Tools and Programs

Ergonomic Assessments and Resources at Worksafe BC 

Ergonomic Safe Lifting Calculator
Assess a lift or lower to determine if it is safe for your workers

Ergonomic Safe Push / Pull and Carry Calculator
Assess a push / pull or carry task to determine if it is safe for your workers

Washington State Department of Labour & Industries Ergonomic Assessment Tools ?
Download an Ergonomic Lifting App to determine how much is safe to lift
Hazard & Caution Zone Checklists
Vibration Calculators and more

Supporting Employees Booklet – A tool to plan accommodations for Workplace Mental Health