Ergonomic Articles & Recommended Reading

Ergonomic Articles and Recommended Reading

The Truth About Sit-Stand Workstations – Pg. 35 – ERGO Inc.’s publication in HR Professional

OMHRA Fall 2018 ERGO’s article – CSA Ergonomic Standard Revisions p23-24

OMHRA spring news – ERGO article on pgs 14-15 Municipal Ergonomic Tips

Sitting at work is bad but prolonged standing not good either

Safety Tips for Safe Patient Transfers and Lifts

Ergonomics Canada 2017 Magazine

Ergonomics Canada 2018 Magazine

Bearing the Load – pg 17 – Marnie Downey interviewed in Canadian Occupational Safety Magazine on MMH injuries in the workplace 

Aligning Office Space – Written by Marnie Downey in CFM&D magazine

The Loszach Blog – Interview with Marnie Downey from ERGO Inc.

Wrist Braces: Should They Be Used to Prevent Hand & Arm Injuries in the Workplace?

– WorkSafeBC:

– Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation:

– Work Safe Alberta:

Workplace Violence

Office ERGO Increases Productivity

10 Ways to Minimize Employee Health & Safety Hazards Associated with Shift Work

ANSI Ergonomic Chair Checklist

Buying an Ergonomic Chair

About Ontario’s MSD Prevention Guidelines

Costs of MSDs

Working Well – The WSIB Workwell Audit

Ergonomic Tools – Are You Using the Right Tool for the Job?

Assessing Risk of Workplace Back Injuries

Successful Safety Programs Use Positive Measurement Criteria

Will Job Rotation Prevent MSDs?

Human Resources and Safety

Relationship Between Sleep, Age and Performance

Left-handedness in the Workplace – Is there a Concern?

Marnie Downey was interviewed on Aug. 21st by CBC radio on Sitting and Standing at Work. Click here to listen to the Ottawa interview.

When and Why You Should Consider a Sit-Stand Desk

Improving your Ergonomic Program

Working From Home During a Pandemic – Applying Ergonomic Principles