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Ergonomic seating helps reduce the risk of discomfort. Do you have chairs that meet employee needs and meet ergonomic guidelines? Do your employees know how to properly adjust their chairs? A workers chair is the largest contributing factor to their comfort at work. Ensure you take the time to select appropriate seating. An Ergonomic Assessment will outline the features and adjustments a worker’s chair should have.

ERGO Inc. has reviewed thousands of computer workstations and understands the many challenges that employees experience. We derive practical solutions by combining extensive workplace experience with scientific principles. While onsite, we educate employees and set up and adjust their workstations. Improvements are implemented immediately.

We follow and apply the CSA Z412-17 Office Ergonomic Standards.

ERGO Inc. offers two main options for Office Ergonomic Assessments and Reporting:

Comprehensive Office Ergonomic Assessment

This type of Assessment includes a thorough onsite review of an employee’s workstation, job tasks and work environment. Our Ergonomic Specialist will educate the employee on proper workstation set up and review optimal work methods with them, including how to incorporate movement and change of posture into their workday.  Their workstation will be adjusted to best fit the employee, during the onsite review.  A Comprehensive Ergonomic Findings and Recommendation Report; that fulfills insurance and Ministry expectations, and follows the CSA Office Ergonomic Standards is completed. Recommendations will include specifications on equipment or furniture that is recommended for the employee, along with rational.

When is this type of assessment recommended? This level of assessment is recommended for any employee suffering from discomfort, off work as a result of an injury or having challenges while working at their workstation.

Proactive Office Ergonomic Assessment with Summary Report

Our Proactive Office Ergonomic Assessment includes a comprehensive onsite assessment; as outlined above, with a summary report.

Who is this type of assessment suitable for?  This service is suitable for proactive assessments and general overviews of offices and workstation layouts. A comprehensive report is recommended for any employee suffering from discomfort or off work as a result of an injury.

Virtual Home Office Services are Now Available

Two types of Virtual Office Ergonomic Consultations are available:

Option 1: ERGO Working from Home Virtual Coaching Sessions

  • A 20-minute phone or video consultation to coach employee on safely working from home

Option 2: ERGO Home Office Virtual Ergonomic Reviews

  • A 45-60 minute phone or video consultation with employee to review their home office set up

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Office Ergonomics Training

ERGO Inc. offers innovative, customized Office Ergonomics Training Programs for Employees, Computer Users, Managers, Designers and Committees.


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