Ergonomic Design & Workstation Reviews
ergonomic office design

By “designing to fit the worker” you will save your organization money and resources to fix future problems.

Are you designing a new manufacturing process, work procedure, product or office space? If so, ensure you are designing with people in mind. Have a qualified Ergonomist on your design team.

When we review your design we work hand in hand with your team. We provide you with the critical ergonomic dimensions, pictures or drawings, and the vendor information you need to ensure an ergonomic design.

Office & Seating

ERGO Inc. knows the importance office furniture, seating and workstation accessories have on employee’s comfort and productivity.

If you are moving, setting up a new office or looking to purchase new furniture, chairs or computer accessories involve an Ergonomist in the process to ensure you do not make costly purchasing mistakes. Furniture, seating or accessories that do not fit your workforce will lead to discomfort at work. Do not wait until you have installed all new equipment to have it reviewed. This can be a costly mistake. We often see organizations buy the same “ergonomic” chairs and keyboards for all their employees, only to find out that the keyboard trays are too small and the chairs do not have all of the required adjustments.

Our Ergonomists have experience with the major seating, office furniture and workstation accessory manufacturers and distributors. They can help you make informed purchasing decisions that will benefit your office environment.

  • Office design and layout based on ergonomic standards
  • Assisting Architects with ergonomic design and layout
  • Furniture, seating and ergonomic accessory selection
  • Lighting reviews and measurement


ERGO Inc. can assist your Engineering and Design team ensure manufacturing processes, assembly lines and work cells are designed to meet employee capabilities, ergonomic standards and guidelines while maintaining production requirements. Minimize future costs of having to retrofit equipment by designing a process or workstation properly the first time. An ERGO Inc. Ergonomist will work with your team, review drawings and concepts and provide guidance throughout the design and implementation process.

  • Pre-start Safety Reviews – integrate ergonomics with safety
  • Workstation design reviews – ensure work tasks optimize employee performance and productivity and reduce injury risk
  • Develop job rotations and work organization
  • Optimize system performance – use lean manufacturing principles


Ergonomics has become an integral part of any product design to ensure it is user-friendly for the end user. ERGO Inc. can review a product design to ensure it meets ergonomic standards and guidelines and outline areas for improvement.

  • Product or part design
  • Tool design
  • Evaluation of a new computer accessory
  • Seating design

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