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ERGO Inc. Ergonomists have assessed thousands of jobs in a variety of sectors including: industrial, manufacturing, healthcare, service, education, food, industry and government services. Click on the Sectors below to view examples of the type of work we have studied.

Our scientific and methodical methods will identify the issues and offer you straightforward practical solutions.

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Ergonomic and Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD) Risk Assessments
Physical demands assessment ergonomics

Identify ergonomic risk factors, prioritize in terms of exposure and develop risk reduction strategies

Do you have a work process, job task, or workstation that requires improvement? Have you been ordered by the Ministry of Labour to improve the ergonomics in your workplace? Do you want to minimize workplace injuries and be an industry leader?  If so, we recommend conducting an Ergonomic Risk Assessment.

ERGO Inc.’s Ergonomic Risk Assessments include:

  • A thorough scientific onsite review of the workstation, job tasks, work process and work environment
  • A team approach – we work with your employees, supervisors, designers and engineers to ensure the root cause of any issue is identified and addressed and appropriate solutions are outlined
  • A hazard analysis that outlines the likely cause of hazards that were identified
  • A risk ranking that compares hazards to ergonomic guidelines to determine what work parameters are above ergonomic guidelines
  • A Comprehensive Written Recommendation Report that includes engineering, design, critical dimensions, administrative and work method options for job improvement
  • Prioritization of controls for injury reduction potential, cost and productivity
  • Vendor information ? where can you purchase equipment and recommended products

We provide low cost high impact solutions!


Office Ergonomic Assessments

ergonomic chairs for office ontario

A workers chair is the largest contributing factor to their comfort at work. Ensure you take the time to select appropriate seating.

Office Ergonomic Assessments include a thorough onsite review of an employee’s workstation, job tasks and work environment.

Our Ergonomic Specialist will educate the employee on proper workstation set up and best work methods. A detailed findings and recommendation report, that fulfills insurance and Ministry expectation, is completed. When is this type of assessment recommended?

This service is recommended for any employee suffering from discomfort, off work as a result of an injury or having challenges while working at their workstation.

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Physical Demands Analysis
Physical demands assessment ergonomics

Knowing a job’s physical demands will aide in an effective return to work process

The purpose of a Physical Demands (PDA) / Job Demands Assessment (JDA) and Physical Demands Assessment is to document the bona fide essential duties of a task.

These assessments can be used for:

  • Return to work planning
  • Allows medical professionials to evaluate job offers for suitability
  • Determining job and task suitability
  • Determining the likelihood that a job or task contributed to an injury
  • Assisting Rehabilitation Specialists set up effective treatment protocols
  • Training employees
  • Hiring practices and Post Offer Pre-employment hiring programs
  • Ergonomic hazard identification

These assessments are often required by Compensation Boards when an injury occurs.

ERGO Inc.’s PDAs are:

  • Reliable and valid assessments in a detailed and comprehensive format
  • Recognized by WSIB / WCB, Ministry of Labour and Health Care Professionals
  • Customized to meet our client needs (Health Care, Education, Manufacturing, Automotive, Food Industry, Service Industry, etc.)

ERGO Inc.’s Job Matching PDA Database

  • This computerized PDA program assists employers return injured or disabled employees back to suitable work.
  • Ideal for determining accommodations, job suitability for return to work
  • Performs quick, easy, non-refutable job matching with the click of a mouse
  • Provides a list of suitable jobs for an injured employee
Cognitive Demands Analysis
cognitive demands assessment

Successfully accommodating workers with cognitive limitations requires a clear understanding of a job’s cognitive demands

A Cognitive Demands Assessment (CDA) is an objective measurement of jobs cognitive abilities requirements.

A CDA is an objective evaluation of the essential cognitive, emotional and psychological skills required to perform the essential duties of a job.

Why complete a Cognitive Demands Analysis (CDA)?
? Detailed information regarding the cognitive demands of a job such as memory, problem solving and aptitude
? Assist in determining employee’s abilities with respect to a job
? Allows objective assessment of work capabilities by medical professionals
? Aides in return to work planning by matching an individual’s cognitive abilities to the cognitive demands of their job
? Hiring decisions and Post offer Pre-employment testing
? Employee training with regards to job expectations

ERGO Inc.’s CDAs
? Valid and reliable evaluations of a jobs cognitive requirements
? Outlined in an easy to read chart format
? Demands are ranked in terms of duration required using a standardized scale
? Demands are described as they relate to the job

Job Suitability & Accommodation Assessments

Do you have a worker who is struggling to return to full time duties in their pre-injury job?

job suitabiilty

Have you determined what jobs would be suitable for a worker with an injured back?

Is the employee concerned that the job may not be safe for them?

Are you concerned that the employee may reinjure themselves or others?

If so, we can assess the job demands, review the employee’s capabilities and provide you with specific return to work recommendations. We will let you know if the job is suitable for the employee. If the job is not suitable, we will advise you how to make it suitable.

We will expedite the employee’s return to work and minimize your costs.

Injury Compatibility Assessments
injury compatibility assessments

Did the job contribute to an employee’s injury? Ergonomists can provide a professional opinion.

Do you have concerns that a job may or may not be linked to a worker’s injury or disability?

If so, we can assess the job demands, review the employee’s injury mechanisms and provide you with a professional opinion as to how strongly the job demands are correlated to the injury type. This type of assessment is often the critical piece for claims appeals and injury funding relief.

Design and Workstation Reviews
design and workstation reviews

Ensure the task, equipment or product parameters meet ergonomic design standards and “fit the worker” by conducting an ergonomic design review.

Are you designing a new manufacturing process, work procedure, product or office space? If so, ensure you are designing with people in mind. Have a qualified Ergonomist on your design team. By “designing to fit the worker” you will save your organization money and resources to fix future problems.

If you are purchasing new office chairs, desks and equipment, have an Ergonomist review the products you have selected to ensure they will be suitable for your jobs and employees. Do not wait until you have installed all new equipment to have it reviewed. This can be a costly mistake. We often see organizations buy the same “ergonomic” chairs and keyboard trays for all staff members, only to find out that the keyboard trays are too small and the chairs do not have all of the required adjustments.

When we review your design we work hand in hand with your team. We provide you with the critical ergonomic dimensions, pictures or drawings, and the vendor information you need to ensure an ergonomic design.

Return to Work Programs & Assessments
Successful accommodation often requires ergonomic controls

Successful accommodation often requires ergonomic controls

Are you struggling getting employees back to their pre-injury jobs quickly and effectively?

Do you have employees on restricted duties for extended periods of time?

Do you get doctor notes from employees saying “employee is unable to return work”.

If so, it may be worth reviewing your Return to Work procedures to ensure they are setting consistent standards and expectations.

ERGO Inc. works with employers to assess the physical demands of jobs and determine job suitability. We provide options for accommodation to ensure an employee can perform their work safely within their current capabilities. We can also assist with the preparation of effective Return to Work Plans. Our plans are based on the employee’s injury or disability and medical healing times. We will support you as much, or as little, as you require through the employee’s transition back to full time duties.

office ergonomic risk assessments

  • Employees, managers and executives who work in an office
  • Computer Users
  • Control Rooms
  • Designers and Engineers
  • Call Centers

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healthcare ergonomic risk assessments

  • Nursing
  • Housekeeping
  • Material Management
  • Pharmaceuticals & Laboratories

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  • Public Works
  • Office
  • Emergency Response Services – Fire and Ambulance
  • Libraries
  • Field Workers

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