Public Ergonomic Certificate Workshops


ERGO Inc.’s Ergonomic Certificate Workshops are scheduled for the following dates:

November 15-18, 2021 Virtually.    

You will receive:

  • A certificate
  • A bound, detailed participant reference manual
  • The presentation
  • Audit forms, checklists and assessment tools
  • A completed assessment
  • Toolkit cards and other resources for your workplace
  • A tape measure (some courses)

Conducting Ergonomic Risk Assessments

November 17, 2021 Workshop will be held Virtually. 
risk assessment tools

  • This workshop is full of practical assignments and case studies. We customize the workshop to meet the needs of our registered participants.
  • Learn to identify and measure ergonomic workplace hazards – force, posture, repetition – what are safe limits and how to evaluate these hazards.
  • Participants will learn how to conduct qualitative and quantitative Ergonomic Risk Assessments based on industry standards. Ontario’s Musculoskeletal Disorder Prevention Guidelines Screening Tool, an ERGO hazard screening checklist, MMH assessment guidelines (Liberty Mutual Tables for lift / lower/push/pull and carry) and Upper limb risk Assessments will be completed for various jobs.
  • Learn to answer questions like? “what is repetitive”, “what is a safe lifting limit”, “what can I do to reduce awkward postures”. Implementation strategies for reducing injury risk and how to prioritize job improvements will be taught. Best practices in various industries will be presented.
  • It is assumed that participants have a base knowledge of ergonomics.
  • Bring a video of a job at your facility and we will try to incorporate it into our learning day.

Office Ergonomic Assessments – Preventing MSDs in the Office

November 18, 2021 Workshop will be held Virtually
office ergonomics

  • This workshop will teach participants to confidently assess and set up computer workstations to minimize injury risk. Participants will receive an ERGO checklist / audit to use at their workplace to conduct assessments.
  • What is new and upcoming in office ergonomics – what is research based vs. a trend to be aware of for office furniture, seating and computer accessories.
  • Participants conduct real workplace case studies and ergonomic assessments on individuals with back, wrist, shoulder and neck injuries to determine the issues and set up guidelines for each injury type and review how to accommodate these injury types.
  • Sitting and standing workstations will be discussed. The latest research on sitting vs. standing. When is a sit-stand station required, what should you consider, and what are the various options for creating a sit stand workstation will be reviewed.
  • Participants also participate in a hands-on product evaluation symposium where we review the latest “ergonomic products and chairs”.

How To Complete Physical Demands Assessments (PDA)

November 15, 2021. Workshop will be held Virtually.
Physical Demands Assessment Workshop

  • This hands-on workshop will give you all the skills and knowledge needed to conduct Physical Demands Assessments confidently and accurately at your workplace.
  • Learn how to measure and document job demands to ensure workplace accommodations are successful.
  • Learn how to use a force gauge and pinch gauge to document forces. Steps to ensure valid measurements in various situations.
  • Common mistakes made when completing and documenting demands and PDA reports.
  • What makes a PDA valid and what should be included – strength, mobility, dexterity, posture, environmental, sensory, cognitive demands.
  • Measuring duration and frequency of demands – what is the difference and why are both important.
  • Participants will complete a PDA during the workshop and will receive a PDA template to use at their worksite.

NEWER How To Complete Cognitive Demands Assessments (CDAs)

November 16, 2021 Workshop will be held Virtually.

Recent changes in legislation for claims resulting from mental health conditions including concussions, mental illness, and mental stress make this workshop a must attend if you deal with workplace accommodation. This hands-on workshop will give you the skills and knowledge needed to conduct Cognitive Demands Assessments confidently and accurately at your workplace.

Physical Demands Assessment Workshop

  • Learn about cognitive demands, how to define them, and how to choose those that are most relevant for your facility. A glossary of commonly used cognitive terms will be provided.
  • Learn how to apply a CDA and to assess whether there is a job match or whether accommodations are required in a Return to Work situation.
  • Learn how to objectively quantify and document cognitive job demands.
  • Understand how to validate the findings of your CDA.
  • Common mistakes made when completing CDAs and documenting demands.
  • Participants will complete a CDA during the workshop and will receive a CDA template to use at their workplace.

Workshop Information

Location:Barrie & Toronto, ON - Refer to dates
Workshops include:Detailed Participant Manual and Handouts
Assessment Tools, Checklists & Templates
Certificate of Completion
Tape Measure with some workshops
Who should attend:Health & Safety Professionals
Disability Management Professionals
Health & Safety Committee Members
Engineers & Designers
Ergonomic Committee Members
Managers and Supervisors
Kinesiologists, Occupational Therapists, Massage Therapists & Physiotherapists
Office Furniture and Accessory companies

Fantastic presenter! Kept me engaged for 8 hours. Applies to all different types of jobs that would like to incorporate ergonomics while still being detailed enough for practical use.

Gina Girdovic, Kinesiologist, Centric Health

Excellent – discussions lead to actual examples that will make it very easy to adapt to work .? excellent speaker that brought experience and knowledge.

Adam Fidler, Oetiker

This course was critical to explain the requirement for multi-faceted knowledge of ergonomic assessment parameters. Excellent information.

Robert Poire, Health & Safety Manager, Acco Brands Canada Inc.

The Ergonomic workshops were fantastic; thank you for your knowledge and skills. The LAVAL staff and I will totally benefit from the knowledge that I was able to retain from the workshop material.

Liana Crowe

Human Resources, LAVAL International

I found all three workshops very informative and practical. I thoroughly enjoyed them and will definitely recommend them to some of my fellow kin friends.

Kiera Thorsen


Presenter was incredibly knowledgeable and presentation was a great speed. Full of great content.

James Edmondson

Ontario Telemedicine Network

Excellent Day! Very useful. I have the knowledge and tools to apply and implement PDAs in our organization.

Cheryl Speer

Hanover & District Hospital

Great Instructor, very experienced, useful examples, articulate and professional.

S. Sheith

Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital

The presentation was quite detailed and will be a valuable reference.  Training was hands-on, educative, informative and very practical. I will definitely make use of this.

F. Akinnusi


Excellent!  Very useful information.  I will be utilizing info provided at my workplace.

Chris Menzie

Sekisui Diagnostics PEI Inc.