Office Ergonomics Training

office ergonomics learning modulesERGO Inc. offers innovative and practical Office Ergonomics Training Programs for Computer Users, Managers, Designers and Committees.

Employee Training on Office Ergonomics & Injury Prevention

Computer users learn the principles of office ergonomics and how to properly set up their computer workstations to prevent discomfort.

  • Ergonomic Computer set up & Injury Prevention for employees
  • Lunch and Learn sessions on various office ergonomic topics such as: ergonomic seating, touch screens and safe mousing and keying
  • Office Ergonomic Hazard Identification Training
Course length:1-4 hrs  Contact us for details
Location:At your workplace
Courses include: Handouts and Office Ergonomic Toolkit cards
Investment: Contact ERGO Inc. for pricing

Train-the-Trainer Office Ergonomics Workshop

Ergonomic & JHSC Committees, Supervisors, Team Leaders and Health & Safety Representatives learn to assess, properly set up and adjust computer workstations to prevent employee injury. This workshop will allow participants to conduct in-house office ergonomic assessments.

Course and Workshop Information

Course length:½ day - full day; depending on the course. Contact us for details
Location:At your workplace
Courses include: Manuals and Handouts
Forms, Checklists & Templates
Certificate of Completion
Records of Training
Investment: Contact ERGO Inc. for pricing
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E-learning Module for Computer Users

ERGO Inc.’s “Office Ergonomics ? Injury Prevention Strategies” E-learning module is a fully narrated, 30-45 minute self-paced presentation that is stimulating, informative and dynamic. Participants will learn to correctly set themselves up at a computer workstation and how to use proper body mechanics when performing work functions. Becoming more knowledgeable with their workstation and work tasks will allow employees to be more productive, efficient and safe. It has been designed to deliver critical ergonomic and injury prevention information for office staff anywhere, at anytime.

E-learning provides:

  • Animated graphics, audio narration, motion and a flexible format
  • Ease of accessibility ? available 24/7 self-paced learning

ERGO Inc.’s Office Ergonomic E-learning modules includes:

  • Desk top and laptop ergonomic set up and stretching for computer users
  • Proper selection of an office chair & 7 steps to properly adjust an office chair
  • ERGO Tips for mousing, laptop use, keying and safe handling
  • Over a dozen informative downloads or web links
  • An Ergonomic Checklist to ensure proper computer set up

E-learning Administrative Features

ERGO Inc.’s E-learning solutions include the ability to create reports to monitor effectiveness and individual progress of the users.

Customize the module for your Organization

We offer the opportunity to customize our e-learning solutions to your individual organization. To fit the unique needs of your organization, we can brand the program, by adding your logo and colour schemes. For further information, contact us today.

More Information / Free Demonstration

For User Pricing Information, to Register or to see if you qualify for a Free Demonstration of our Office Ergonomics Module please contact us.

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Thanks so much… it was very informative and I thought you did a great job…you continue to be leading edge and that you never lose your practical approach ? very refreshing! Thanks again and continued success!

Anita Harvey, Health Services Manager, ENBRIDGE GAS DISTRIBUTION INC