Stretching Programs at Work – Do they Reduce Injuries

Does stretching reduce injuries? This has long been a question of debate in the athletic world and is now also a question being asked by employers. Stretching programs have been gaining popularity in workplaces and they do have some merits. There is no one solution... Read More »

Ergonomic Footrests – Product Review

TriRite Adjustable Footrest Proper posture starts from the ground up. If you are sitting at your computer workstation with your feet dangling it is time to look for a footrest to support your feet.  Sitting with your legs unsupported can lead to back and hip... Read More »

Ergonomic Benefits of a Laptop Riser

Do you work on a laptop computer?  Is it positioned directly on your desktop?  if so, you are likely looking down to view the screen and this position can lead to neck discomfort.  Working this way is not recommended from an ergonomics perspective.  So what is... Read More »