Footrests often go overlooked when people discuss ergonomic office solutions. In reality, footrests can make just as big a difference on your overall body comfort as a backrest. Traditionally, foot rests have been used to support the legs / feet when a work surface is too high. However, a good ergonomic footrest can give you the power to angle your legs in a natural, ergonomic position between your thigh and upper body. They can help a user position their lumbar back curve properly into the backrest of their chairs by providing some support and hip flexion. Supportive footrests can increase blood flow and circulation throughout your body, prevent cramps and stiffness, and help improve your posture to reduce pains in other areas such as the back. To keep your legs active while sitting a computer you may want to consider using an adjustable, rocking or massaging footrest. As with any ergonomic product, not one style is optimal for everyone and if a user is not going to use the footrest properly the benefit will be lost. Ensure the footrest is positioned properly under the work surface at the right distance and ensure the user understands how to work properly with the device.


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