Having pain in your hand, arm and shoulder from mousing all day? The solution maybe right at your fingertips ? literally! The “RollerMouse Red” by Contour Design, Inc. may be just the ergonomic mouse you need to reduce hand, arm and/or shoulder pain caused from repetitive mousing.

The “RollerMouse Red” is an alternative option to the traditional mouse that allows you to control your screen cursor using a unique roller bar. After reviewing the design of this ergonomic mouse, ERGO Inc. Ergonomist’s agree that it is a product that may be worth trying for a number of reasons.

  1. First, the design of the “RollerMouse Red” allows you to work in a more neutral position while mousing; your hands are positioned in front of your body when mousing opposed to having to reach and stretch to one side of your body, like you do to operate a standard mouse that is most often located on the right side of a keyboard.
  2. The second reason we like the “RollerMouse Red” is because it allows the user to distribute the repetitive nature of mousing tasks between hands, fingers and thumbs; thereby reducing the overall workload typically experienced by your domainant hand and arm.
  3. Lastly, the “RollerMouse Red” allows your fingers to extend forward thereby eliminating the need to sustain the typical gripping hand posture that is associated with traditional mousing.

Contour Design, Inc. has a couple of different models of the RollerMouse, however, the “RollerMouse Red” is the model recommended if your workstation contains multiple monitors, as “RollerMouse Red” has an end detection capability that creates a seamless transition when moving the cursor between monitors. To read more about the “RollerMouse Red”, visit the Contour Design, Inc. website.

If you think you may benefit from an alternative mouse such as the Rollermouse you may first want to have an Ergonomic Assessment completed of your workstation. Contact ERGO Inc. today for further information.

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