TriRite Adjustable Footrest

Proper posture starts from the ground up. If you are sitting at your computer workstation with your feet dangling it is time to look for a footrest to support your feet.  Sitting with your legs unsupported can lead to back and hip discomfort and even blood pooling in your lower legs.

Here is one consideration for an ergonomic footrest.  We do not endorse any one product but rather evaluate products to help you understand what to look for.

The TriRite Adjustable Footrest is a lightweight, sturdy and easy to use adjustable footrest.

TriRite Footrest

Adjustable Footrest

Dimensions: 16.1” width, 12.2” depth, adjustable height (2-5” at midway)

Benefits noted by our Ergonomist:

  • 3 angles (10°, 20° and 33°) to adjust footrest height and ankle angle
  • Easy to adjust (rotates about a central axle with no knobs/levers)
  • Non-locking (i.e. tilts freely), however, still stable
  • Lightweight (2.3 lbs) and easy to move with the feet (no need to climb under desk)
  • Rubber non-slip pads underneath to prevent it from slipping
  • Easy to assemble

Some non-optimal features noted by our Ergonomist:

  • Some users may prefer to ability to lock their footrest