Ergonomic Projects & Success Stories

Leading Canadian Aerospace Company

Onsite Ergonomist
ERGO Inc. has been working with one of the leading Aerospace companies in the GTA area to meet the goals of their corporate ergonomics program. In the first year ERGO Inc. was tasked with evaluating every job in the facility and rating each job according to a High/Medium/Low injury risk scale. This amounted to the evaluation of 220 different jobs and job tasks throughout the entire facility. In the second year, we were mandated to reduce the overall level of injury risk in the facility by 10%. ERGO Inc. worked in co-ordination with the supervisors, managers, maintenance, engineers, and Health & Safety staff to exceed the 10% goal through the implementation of both engineering and administrative ergonomic controls. The most successful project involved substantially decreasing the push forces required to move large carts throughout the facility. Previous to the ergonomic changes, carts required more than 4 employees to push at a time and were the highest rated concern by the employees. ERGO Inc. also developed and delivered Ergonomic Risk Assessment training to the JHSC & Ergonomics team, Ergonomics Design training to the Engineering department and general Office Ergonomics Awareness sessions for all office staff. We are now working to reduce the overall level of injury risk in the facility by an additional 10% for 2017.  We are proud to announce this goal was successfully achieved.


Ergonomic Risk Assessments, Production Line Re-design and Post Offer Pre-employment Testing

ERGO Inc. is proud to work with the award winning manufacturing facility Baxter Corporation who produces intravenous, nutritional, peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis solutions. ERGO Inc. has been working with Baxter Corporation to reduce workplace Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) since 1998.

To create an action plan, ERGO Inc. conducted Ergonomic Risk Assessments of all production tasks, which were ranked from the highest injury risk potential to the lowest for both the upper limb and back. Detailed Ergonomic studies were then completed for the high risk areas of the plant. As a result some production tasks were redesigned.

Physical Demands Assessments were also completed for all jobs to facilitate Baxter Corporation’s Return to Work Program. ERGO Inc. also conducts Post Offer Pre-employment Testing for all new Baxter employees on the production and packing lines. This program assists Baxter Corporation with their hiring process by helping to ensure that all new employees are capable of performing the bona fide essential duties of the job for which they are hired. ERGO Inc. developed the testing protocol based on strength, fatigue, range of motion, and physiological data and the essential job duties. Pass / fail criteria was determined by collecting physical data such as grip strengths, fatigue rates and working heart rates from Baxter Corporation’s current workforce.


Ergonomics Domain for BCRSP Reference Guide

ERGO Inc. is the author of the Ergonomics domain (study guide) used in preparation for the BCRSP examination. This domain provides Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (CRSPs) with the basic knowledge needed to identify key ergonomics concerns and take initial steps to address them. The content focuses on the most common ergonomic and musculoskeletal disorder issues faced by CRSPs and discusses practical ways to improve the fit between workers and their jobs. Topics discussed include: Ergonomics Background & Theory, Ergonomic Regulations & Guidelines, Cost-Benefit of Ergonomics, Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs), Physical Ergonomics and Hazards, Cognitive Ergonomics, Organizational Ergonomics, the Ergonomics Process (Applying Ergonomics in the Workplace), and Ergonomic Assessment Tools.


Ergonomic Initiatives and Onsite Ergonomic Services

ERGO Inc. is proud to have worked with Sanofi Pasteur; Canada’s largest vaccine company that provides vaccines for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, common illnesses and cancers for 15 years. From 2000, ERGO Inc. projects have included the development and delivery of customized training programs for office and laboratory employees, assessments of higher risk areas and the completion of job demands analyses. In 2006, Sanofi implemented a company wide initiative to reduce musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and improve overall ergonomic awareness in their workforce. ERGO Inc. has conducted comprehensive departmental ergonomic studies to identify MSD hazards in all office workstations.

ERGO Inc. works with Herman Miller, Sanofi’s onsite furniture supplier, to ensure appropriate equipment is provided and set up properly for employees. This initiative also involves the assessment of all laboratory and production work areas at Sanofi Pasteur’s Willowdale and Sunnybrook Hospital sites. We are currently working with Sanofi to redesign lab benches, production lines and equipment. New equipment (i.e. carts, pipettes) is being trialed and studied to evaluate its’ impact on injury reduction. We are working as a team to meet Sanofi Pasteur’s injury prevention goals.


Onsite Ergonomic Resource

Over a 2-year period ERGO Inc. worked with the Human Resources, Health & Safety and Engineering departments to improve the ergonomics of Goodyear’s production process, and equipment design and layout at two facilities in Ontario. Cyclical ergonomic risk assessments were performed to continuously identify musculoskeletal hazards present in work process, equipment and work methods.

ERGO Inc. supported the formation of an Ergonomic Committee and developed and delivered in-depth training to its members. ERGO Inc. was the principle resource on this committee; guiding the committee, addressing employee concerns and assisting with equipment trials. ERGO Inc. also participated as a resource on the Medical Team, which met monthly to develop detailed and progressive onsite Rehabilitation and Return to Work programs for injured and disabled employees. As part of this program, ERGO Inc. was responsible for completing Job Demands Assessments and evaluating tasks for suitability and appropriate accommodation.


Ergonomic Study – Vibration Testing in Vehicles to determine level of injury risk

Purolator Courier Ltd. requested that the parameters of their single axle trucks versus their air ride tandem (suspension) trucks be reviewed to determine the different injury risk potentials to the drivers. ERGO Inc. worked collaboratively with a Vibration Technician from Laurentian University to assist with the completion this study.

Our goal was determine if vibration levels were within applicable ergonomic guidelines and to compare the impact of different seats on damping vibration. Several vehicles were fitted with vibration data collection instrumentation and a pre-determined driving course was completed to collect equivalent information from each vehicle. ERGO Inc. provided Purolator with details on which vehicles minimized driver exposure to vibration and with technical prevention strategies such as how to reduce whole body vibration at the source.


Ergonomic Study of Harvesting and Packing

ERGO Inc. was contracted to complete a study to identify hazards that could be contributing to employee discomfort and injury and to provide Mushrooms Canada with best work practices and ergonomic recommendations to minimize these hazards.

A review of injury statistics, accident reports and near misses was conducted, followed by onsite visits to six grower operations (farms) across Ontario to identify common tasks among the farms. The data that was collected from these visits was analyzed and recommendations to minimize hazards were presented to the teams and organizations involved. The projects’ recommendations included guidelines for setting up the physical workstation (working heights, reaches), best work practices and recommendations for the purchase or implementation of devices such as height adjustable workstations, anti-fatigue mats, and various types of industrial seating.

Eventually, all Mushroom Growers across the Province were trained and educated on ergonomic principles and the outcomes of the project, including how to implement the recommendations proposed in the study.

Orillia Soldiers Memorial Hospital

Onsite Ergonomist from 2015-Current

ERGO Inc. has been acting as Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital onsite Ergonomist for over 5 years. On a monthly basis, ERGO Inc. supports the hospital’s Health & Safety Department with ergonomic, return to work and injury management projects and challenges. This includes the completion of both Physical and Cognitive Demands Assessments (PDAs and CDAs) for jobs across the hospital. To date, most nursing roles, food services, housekeeping, material management, maintenance, security, dialysis, laboratories, emergency and customer service departments have been assessed. Ergonomic Risk Assessments with recommendations for injury reduction for the acute care jobs across all departments in the hospital and office staff are completed monthly. When needed, Job Suitability Assessments are conducted to assist with the safe return to work of injured staff. ERGO Inc. has also assisted with the redesign of workspaces within the hospital, including the hospital’s new patient scheduling and intake department.

ERGO Inc. developed and delivers the hospital’s Safe Patient Lift and Transfer orientation training for all new Registered Nurses and all other staff who will be responsible for assisting with patient transfers. This program includes safe work practices/policies in the delivery of staff education, as well as a practical hands-on component using the various hoists, slings and other manual handling devices in patient rooms.

ERGO Inc. also developed and performs post-offer pre-employment testing for new Housekeeping and Material Management job candidates and has developed online ergonomic e-learning programs for staff.



ERGO Inc is proud to partner with EMC as their Ergonomic Service Provider.

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