Ergonomic Speaking Engagements & Publications

If you are looking for a professional ergonomic speaker for an event or an ergonomic expert to interview for a publication, contact ERGO Inc.


  • 2016, Schedule 2 Employers Conference – There’s an App for That
  • 2016, Ontario Kinesiology Association. To Sit or Stand – The Controversy Solved
  • 2016, Association for Canadian Ergonomists National Conference. Ergonomic Lifting Apps
  • 2017, Workplace Mental Health Conference for the Canadian Institute, Cognitive Ergonomics – The new frontier to a harmonious workplace
  • 2017, Partners in Prevention Occupational Health & Safety Conference. There’s an App for That – Ergonomic & Safety Apps
  • 2017, Human Resources Professionals Conference. Health & Safety in your Pocket: There’s an App for That
  • Marnie Downey was interviewed on Aug. 21st by CBC radio on Sitting and Standing at Work. Click here to listen to the Ottawa interview.


  • 2013, Schedule 2 Employers Group Conference
    • Top 10 products and things Ergonomists Recommend
    • Aging Workers and Ergonomic Challenges
    • Conducting an Office Ergonomics Audit
  • 2013, Occupational Health Nurses Conference: Preparing your Ergonomic Program for an MofL Visit
  • 2014, Occupational Health Nurses meeting: Ergonomics and the Aging Worker
  • 2014, Bluewater Wood Alliance – Ergonomics for a Diverse Workforce
  • 2014, Marnie Downey is published in Canadian Facility Management and Design Magazine April Edition. Realigning Office Space. Read Article
  • 2014, Schedule 2 Employers Group Conference
    • Ergonomics & Wellness Initiatives
    • Ergonomic Accommodations for Office Workers


  • 2011, Partners in Prevention Safety Conference: Ergonomics from the Case Files
  • 2011, Schedule 2 Conference: Integrating Ergonomics into your Safety Program
  • 2011, Schedule 2 Conference: Post Offer Pre-placment Testing
  • 2011, Ontario Kinesiology Association Conference: Setting up an Effective MSD Program
  • 2011, Ontario Occupational Health Nurse Association: National Conference: Participatory Ergonomics
  • 2012, Schedule 2 Conference: Preparing your Ergonomics Program for a Ministry of Labour Visit
  • 2012, Excellence in Manufacturing: Strategies managing the aging workforce and ergonomic implications
  • 2012, Ontario Stone, Sand & Gravel Association: Ergonomic Stategies for the Aging Workforce
  • 2012, Occupational Health Nurses Webinar: Job Suitability


  • 2009 Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium: Staying Compliant in a Lean Economy
  • 2009 Schedule 2 Employers’ Group Conference: Guidelines for Repetitive Work
  • 2009 Schedule 2 Employers’ Group Conference: Making a Business Case for Ergonomics
  • 2009 IAPA National Health & Safety Conference: Workplace Stretching: Does stretching really prevent workplace injuries
  • 2010, Schedule 2 Conference: Ergonomic Analyses of Lifting: Determining a Safe Lifting Limit
  • 2010, Schedule 2 Conference: Involving Employees in Reducing Musculoskeletal Disorders
  • 2010, Excellence in Manufacturing Talk: Implementing an MSD / Ergonomics Program & Ontario’s MSD Guideline
  • 2010 Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium: National Conference: Establishing an Effective MSD Prevention Program
2004 - 2008
  • 2004 IAPA National Conference: Ergonomic Solutions for Return to Work
  • 2005 Employers Advisory Council, Brantford, Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo: Ergonomic Program Implementation
  • 2005 Ontario Association of School Boards: Ergonomic Solutions for Return to Work
  • 2005 IAPA Kitchener/Waterloo Conference: Ergonomic Solutions for Return to Work
  • 2007 Occupational Health Nurses Annual Conference and Trade Show, Niagara on the Lake: Physical Demands Assessments: The Backbone of your Ergonomics Program
  • 2007 Ontario Kinesiology Association Regional Meeting, Toronto: Office Ergonomics and Ergonomic Program Set Up

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